Autism-ADHD-Neurodivergence Counselling

I have both personal and professional experience of autism, ADHD, PDA and learning difficulties and regularly work with neurodivergent individuals and couples.

I have worked with clients who are autistic and/or have ADHD, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, and where PDA and learning difficulties may also be factors. There are many conditions that come under the neurodivergent umbrella, and I am always open to learning more about these and about people’s individual experience of their own neurodivergence.


simply means differences and variations in the human brain, in cognition and in behavioural traits within the general population. All people are neurodiverse as everyone is different.


Is used to describe a person whose neurological functioning differs from what is considered ‘typical’.


Is a word used to describe those who are not neurodivergent.

If you are neurodivergent I’m happy to talk about how counselling might work for you, and about any adaptations and flexibility that may be needed so that you can access online sessions.

If you’re a parent/carer, counselling can support you in finding ways to manage your mental health differently and provide space to share feelings with someone who can truly empathise.

Alongside my experience and ongoing CPD, I have also completed specific training as follows: