Online Counselling Services
for Individuals & Couples

Online Counselling Services

Counselling is confidential, non-judgemental and provides a safe space to share, express, explore your thoughts and your feelings at a pace that feels right for you. I will listen, hear you and support you, helping you to find your way through any difficulties and make sense of the thoughts and feelings coming up for you.

Psychosexual & Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling can help couples to work through any issues they may be having, providing the space to communicate and share feelings with each other in a helpful way.  We can look together at what may help you to move forwards and what may be holding you back. Psychosexual counselling focuses on any sexual problems that may be causing concern or distress for individuals or for couples.


Neurodivergence is a term used to describe anyone whose neurological functioning differs from what is considered ‘typical’. I have specific experience of Autism, ADHD, PDA and learning difficulties and welcome neurodivergent clients and parent/carers into my counselling practice.

About AnnaMaria Williams

I’m an online counsellor based in North Wales, working with clients across the UK and Europe. I’ve worked as a counsellor in various different organisations, and have been working in my own private practice since 2015. I’m a member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), and also of professional counselling organisations COSRT and ATSAC. My contact details and information on fees can be found here.